Thursday, November 02, 2006


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The home business is doing quite well. It is money well invested. Now that the youngest ones are children it is time to expand a bit. There is still no flooring or paint… we just added a second bathroom and a pool for some good fun for all.
This was a bit of a miscalculation on my part. Here we are nearing the end of week 1, it is early Friday morning and the kids are having a grand time swimming waiting for the bus to arrive when suddenly… it arrives and silly me with only one ladder and 6 kids trying to get to the school bus! Ugh, why didn’t I think this one through? Poor Carmen missed the bus Friday morning and I had to watch pop up after pop up lecture me on her grades and the idle threat of social services coming if her grades didn’t improve all weekend.

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Yeah Javier! You rock kid, I love this boy! Not only did he manage to struggle through teaching each of his siblings how to study. He manages to get himself an A+ and then cheers for himself. Okay that last part is kinda sad really… for what it’s worth Javier, I cheered with you.

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Dude, what’s with your girlfriend? Doesn’t she get enough food at home?

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Okay that is just gross!

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On the other hand, if she keeps bringing gifts like this we can over look the trash munching… or at least look the other way when she does it.

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Time for another transition! Nicely done Rosario, she’s definitely a looker. Quick run to the mirror, I love the outfit & hair, but let’s put some color on that bland face shall we?

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Rosario Vega – Cancer
fortune – 6-3-6-4-6
glasses / make up – gray hair
LTW – 6 pets at TOC

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