Friday, September 01, 2006


The Dante House

I hadn’t initially intend to blog my progress of the WOOTO Dare. As time went on, these characters, and I do mean characters, made it impossible to ignore them. How could I not share the insanity with others? Unfortunately that means, I do not have a lot of pictures of the Dante family to share, but will share what I have. The Burton & Vega family will surely have more pictures, time will tell.

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I enter the Dante house to inspect the family relationships. These crazy people call themselves a family? Let’s see if I can remember the craziness: the eldest daughter Sasha hates her big brother Leeland, who in turn hates her and their mother Liza. Meanwhile the youngest daughter, Kayla hates her brother Aston and their mother and is friends with Leeland. Aston naturally hates his sister Kayla, adores his mother Liza and no body really likes Sasha. I think I may have gotten that right. Confused? Well that makes two of us, but the madness doesn’t end there. A day or two in to the game and we find out that Liza is pregnant again! I’m getting a head of myself a bit, let me show you a few pictures first.

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I got very excited about a passer by. Why? Cause that’s me! Yeah simme! I was jogging by… jogging? Me? Ha ha ha ha... okay back to the Dante’s.

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The welcome committee showed up, including Andrew, don’t breathe too deeply Andrew trust me and don’t turn around. These people are such slobs!

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Along with Andrew came Jackie Burton and a sim I made of my sister-in-law. How embarrassing, who knew they shopped at the same store? Ms Burton does not look amused. Heh!

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AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Why does the nanny have a mohawk?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, OMG, i can't stop laughing!!!

~Spongey Tanu
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