Saturday, September 02, 2006


Dante House pg. 2

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I tried having the Dante family live on the lawn. That didn’t work out too well and money was very tight. Leeland was forced to get a job and I took Liza downtown to work at Barnes & Noble as a barista. I was hoping she could meet a few men that may take pity on her and move in to help with finances. Liza is not a well liked sim and making money this way was slow and painful. Although I had a great time watching who came in to the shop for coffee, books and camaraderie! Do you recognize anyone? I believe that is Xuan Robbins and Marilyn Manson behind him.

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Oh look there’s Quavi Robbins!

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It was soon after returning from downtown that I found out Liza was pregnant. Well that won’t stop her from meeting more men. She tries that mailman but he’s not too impressed.

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Leeland and Sasha bring home friends. They chose my son, Franz and my daughter’s best friend Morgan. Quick Leeland, talk with Morgan, you’re a romance sim and you sure could use some aspiration points.

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Didn’t your mother ever tell you if you make faces, its sure to freeze like that?

Page 3

hahaha, love that last pic!

~Spongey Tanu
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