Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Dante House pg. 5

Week 2 was easier, I immediately send Leeland to college so the kids wont be taken by social services. Everyone is home and its 10 am Monday morning, so everyone misses school and drops a grade. Not sure what happened and why they were there. If we had a car, I guess I could have made Liza drive them to school, ah well.

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Aston & Kayla have not gotten over whatever it is these two hate each other for. Now they are in to slapping and I’m sure its just a matter of time before they start a full out fight.

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Aaron Samuels from the Black Widow challenge was walking by. He’s a popularity sim like Sasha so I had her stop him to meet someone new. He immeidiately started talking to his cup on a stick. Oops forgot about that. Later Aaron, get some rest & food will ya? Heh!

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Soon after I go ahead and let Sasha go to college because she will become an adult tomorrow. Lets hope she will do better in college. Wait a tick, didn’t I sell that headstone?! Okay that is just creepy.


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