Saturday, September 23, 2006


Vega Wrap-Up

So we come to the end of an extended two weeks for the Vega families, and the last family of the WOOTO Dare. All in all the families did better than I had expected. As for the Vega families:

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Santos is well on his way towards his LTW of marrying off 6 kids, they just need to have one more. Lola has made it to president of the company, and the kids are all sitting at plantinum.

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Bronx's businesses are striving on; the home venue is a level 8, the Chili Witch is a level 4 and the Love Shack is a level 2. Sarina has aquired woohoo with 4 different sims and is working on friendships to lure more in.

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As you can see, the neighborhood has blossomed. We have gone from 3 WOOTO Dare houses and the Black Widow home to 2 Dante, 2 Burton, 2 Vega, 2 Neilson, a Burton-Daily and the Widow's Web.

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Very nice, Ruby! I love how you worked out the Vega situation and made it all come out well in the end. I enjoyed your Dare! What will you do with this neighborhood after the Widow is finished?
Poor Coqui, but you brought it around. They are a lovely family. I was beginning to think Aracely wasn't coming back. I agree Bronx always looks sad. I like the baby parent shots too! They are very cute!
Yeah, Ruby! Woot! Woot! Great job with your WOOTO dare!
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