Friday, September 15, 2006


The Vega House

As most know, this family starts out with the mom, 2 teen-aged boys, and 3 toddlers. First things first, everyone needs to relieve themselves, so I create a couple of bathrooms and put out 3 potties. Toddlers first, each grabs a kid and puts ‘em on a pot. This is going to be some work, I can tell already. Group effort, everyone is relieved. Oops look at the time, kids are gonna miss school, lickity split and a click or two; we have a driveway and a cheap car, go to school boys!

I created a room for the toddlers and made one of the bathrooms large enough to put the phone in so it wont wake up the others in the middle of the night. We started out with a decent amount of cash on hand that I wont make anyone go to work right away, at least not until the toddlers transition. Good ol’ Coqui helped the boys study and is wearing herself out trying to keep up with the toddlers. The boys aren’t much help really. They’re typical teens and think only of themselves.

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Poor Coqui, this is horrible! The boys are at school, and no one can use the phone to call for a nanny!

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Oh crud balls, the babies are alone at the house. Someone save Coqui, save the babies. I hadn’t taken any pictures previously to this because who knew this was going to happen? I thought for sure I had more time to take photos! And I just gave her a makeover, she was so pretty!

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Unfortunately no one is home to save them, and in swoops Social Services. At this point, I am seriously tempted to back out of this home and not save… but I’m a real simmer and I just will not do that. Bye kids, sorry I failed you.

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Santos took a huge hit on his aspiration and I need to do something fast. Once they get home from school, I immediately send him downtown to meet people. Let’s hope he can fall in love because seriously this boy is bottomed out! Oh he can buy a handheld game; that will give him some help. Let’s go shopping kid! Oh this picture? It just really cracked me up.

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I’ve introduced a few love interest options to Santos, my favorite for him would be Erin Samuels, she’s gorgeous, and she’s the right age, only she is also living with her mother the lovely Black Widow. The other options at this time are Morgan Anders who for some reason is very upset with him (she comes to steal the paper & kicks over the trash can), Paige Thomas, and Kayla Dante. Of the four options, he is not friends with any of them, and he’s only attracted to Morgan who hates him. Great, just fabulous… time to create a new strategy.

Here’s my game plan:
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Santos will go to college, find a woman to marry and come home so he can adopt his little sisters & little brother back. He wants to marry off 6 kids so adopting three will be a good start.
Bronx on the other hand is a popularity sim who for some odd reason wants to own 5 top businesses. What? Yeah okay whatever. He opens a home business venue and its currently at level 2. Man I am so bad at the business end. Glad this isn't my prosperity challenge!

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